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Seer Stone is a river tumbled quartz formed in the Elbe River in Southern Brazil. It can also be known as Emma Eggs, Window Quartz, or Dreamer's Crystal, these naturally tumbled river stones have a frosted white crust on the outside.

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Amethyst - Peace, Healing , Intuition

Aventurine - Love, Protection, Intuition

Blue Obsidian - Peace, Intuition, Cleanser

Citrine - Happiness, Abundance, Vision

Elestial - Protection, Grounding

Rose Quartz - Forgiveness, Love, Self Esteem

Yellow Obsidian - Protection, Prosperity, Healing

Directions of Use

Relax into a meditative state, focus on the issue you seek clarification on, and project that image into the window of the stone. Once your intention has been set and you are fully relaxed, ask for the answers to be revealed to you. You can then either place the stone upon your Third Eye, or gaze into the window, until your answer/vision is made clear.

It is said that once opened, the stone allows one to see into their own inner-self. As well, the past present and future can be revealed by gazing into the stones accessed window

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