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Yin Yang Musical Meditation Balls
Black Yin Yang Musical Meditation Balls
Blue Yin Yang Musical Meditation Balls
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Yin Yang Musical Meditation Balls

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The Yin Yang Meditation Balls, also known as Baoding Balls or Chinese Health Balls, aid to calm your mind and improve fine motor skills, without drawing your concentration away from the task at hand.

Invented in the northern Chinese city of Baoding, Hebei, they purportedly relieve stress, focus the mind and build dexterity and strength in the arms and hands.

They can be used to improve arm circulation and hand co-ordination. They also activate acupressure points on the palms of the hands - activating your inner energy. The gentle 'music' of the balls is also very relaxing.

Though the benefits of yin yang meditation balls are largely anecdotal, many people claim a range of benefits including relaxed joints and muscles, better sleep, improved blood circulation, lower inflammation and even enhanced memory and intelligence.

πŸ™ This listing is for one (1) set of Yin Yang Musical Meditation Balls

Diameter - 40mm
Weight - each ball approximately 70g

πŸ™ How to use

Hold two matching yin yang mediation balls in one hand.
Rotate the balls slowly in one direction, then in the opposite direction.
Swap hand and repeat

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