Scrabble HOPE - UP-CYCLED Picture Frame

Scrabble HOPE - UP-CYCLED Picture Frame

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Just a gorgeous piece. This is a Personalised Scrabble Wooden Picture Frame - HOPE

What you will receive

1 x Wooden Picture Frame with scrabble word - HOPE

The up-cycled frame is made of wood. Under the glass is Patterned paper and scrabble pieces. Free standing. Dimensions: 23cm high x 20cm wide.

This is a wooden piece that has been re purposed and given a face lift. I will do my best to list any wear, please keep in mind that I may miss something, especially if it is small.

What makes it Eco Friendly? This item began its life as a picture frame and got a new lease on life and was saved from the landfill. Simply, up cycling makes a positive impact on the environment. When you up cycle, you remove items from the global garbage pile. Up cycling instead of recycling is good too; recycling requires energy or water to break down material

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