blue aragonite pendulum
blue aragonite pendulum
pendulum black tourmaline
amethyst pendulum
black tourmaline pendulum
aventurine pendulum
pendulum amethyst
selenite pendulum
rose quartz pendulum
pendulum selenite
pendulum green aventurine
pendulum rose quartz


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Crystal pendulums are an amazing tool to help you get connected with yourself. They are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth.

1 x Pendulum - use the drop down menu to make your choice

Amethyst - Peace, Healing, Intuition

Black Tourmaline - Protective stone, repels and blocks negative energies

Green Aventurine - Prosperity, Decisiveness, Inner Strength.

Rose Quartz - Forgiveness, Love, Self Esteem

Selenite - Clarity of thought, Purity of heart and Universal love

Blue Aragonite - Peace of Mind, Calming and Patience, Empathy and Insight

Pendulums swing in vertical straight lines, horizontal straight lines, and in circular movements.  They are used as a form of reflection by asking questions to receive guidance, awareness, and understanding.

Balancing one's chakras is also possible with pendulums, as pendulums tend to pick up on subtle vibrations to clear the body and balance mind, body, and spirit.

Chain Length approximately 27cm

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