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Mum To Be Tea

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Beautiful Raspberry Leaf Tea and Clary Sage Gift Packs perfect for The Mum to Be.

Pack A includes:

1 x 50g of Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea
1 x 10ml Clary Sage Essential Oil
1 x Rose Gold Tea Diffuser
1 x Raw Rose Quartz

Pack B includes:

1 x 50g of Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea
1 x 10ml Clary Sage Essential Oil Roller Bottle
1 x Rose Gold Tea Diffuser
1 x Raw Rose Quartz

Raspberry Leaf Tea is a herbal remedy that is thought to tone the muscles of your uterus (womb), to help it work during labour. The idea is not so much to speed up labour but to help it progress at a steady pace.

Origin: Albania and Bulgaria
Ingredients: Certified Organic Raspberry Leaves
Serving Suggestions: Brew 1-2 teaspoon of Raspberry Leaf Tea per cup of freshly boiled water and steep for 10-15 minutes.

While essential oils can’t induce labor, they may help relieve anxiety, nausea, and pain during the process.

Clary sage should not be used until you are in established strong labour. Save it until you really need it.
Diffuse it into the air around you during labor to help calm you and soothe pain. Or use in a roller bottle,
applied to your wrists, belly and soles of the feet from 40 weeks and/or when labour starts.

Do not ingest. Always perform a patch test before use. If reaction occurs, seek medical attention.

Do not use Clary Sage in your First or Second Trimester. Only to be used if you are trying to induce labour, or are in labour.

Rose Quartz is often associated with romantic, platonic and motherly feelings.

NB: When it comes to pregnancy and breastfeeding, always consult your doctor, midwife and/or lactation consultant before using any new medications, supplements, or essential oils*

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