Mini Beginners Smudge Kit
Mini Beginners Smudge Kit
Mini Beginners Smudge Kit
Mini Beginners Smudge Kit
Mini Beginners Smudge Kit

Mini Beginners Smudge Kit

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A handy smudging kit, perfect for beginners or gift-giving. This mini beginners smudge kit includes everything you need to smudge at home or on the go. It’s an ideal size for solitary rituals, smaller altars, and indoor use.

What you will receive

1 x Gold Top Pentagram Sheesham Wooden Box
1 x White Sage Smudging Stick
1 x Palo Santo
1 x Raw Selenite Rod
1 x Raw Black Tourmaline

White sage is considered sacred by many Native Americans since it is used to make smudge sticks. Sage is known for clearing negative energy. Burn White Sage Smudge sticks to cleanse and refresh the energy in your environment.

Palo Santo means 'holy wood' in Spanish. This sacred wood comes from the Palo Santo trees of South America. When it's burned, the smoke is believed to provide medicinal and therapeutic healing energy. It smells wonderful and is used for purification and energy clearing. The wood can help brighten your mood and promote feelings of joy.

Selenite is known for cleansing entire areas of negative energy and replacing it with nothing but good vibes. It has it has the ability to remove negative energy and unblock stagnant energy. Never needing to be cleansed itself, you can use Selenite as your personal charging port, making your home and your body feel cleaner and calmer.

Black Tourmaline is the preferred talisman of protection, tourmaline is used as a psychic shield to ground your energy and combat the entry of negative entities in your energy field. Long used by wizards, shamans, witches and magicians, tourmaline can be found on every continent.

Wooden Box is 15 x 10 cm
Sage is approximately 10cm.
Palo Santo is approximately 10cm.
Selenite Rod is approximately 10cm.

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