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Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, Water Incense - Five Element Incense

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Ancient Chinese culture recognized that life is composed of five essential elements: fire, wood, earth, metal & water.

Earth - A perfume with floral notes of violet, jasmine and rose, balanced by earthy cinnamon, vanilla and orris root. Earth has the ability to nourish and encourage growth. A balance of this element displays faithfulness, honesty, dependability and helpfulness.

Metal - A perfume with fruity notes of melon and papaya are strengthened by amber, oakmoss and green tea. Metal has the ability to be melted, reshaped and hardened. A balance of this element displays honour, care, thoroughness and precision.

Fire - An aroma of sweet plum and mandarin with sharp verbena and a spicy base of cedarwood and myrth. Fire has the ability to heat and rise upwards. A balance of this element displays wisdom, reason, morality and politeness.

Water - The fragrance of classic honeysuckle, jasmine and magnolia blooms sweetened with vanilla bean toffee. Water has the ability to cool and conserve. A balance of this element displays wisdom, reason, morality and courtesy.

Wood - A scent of heady frangipani blossom entwined with oakmoss and rich musk, sandalwood and patchouli. Wood has the ability to grow and move with the wind. A balance of this element displays loyalty, forgiveness, generosity and diplomacy.

Product Features - Made in Australia, cosmetic-grade fragrance, premium extruded wooden sticks with a stronger scent throw, long lasting.

Each tube contains 37 one-hour burning incense sticks and a ceramic holder.

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