Teapot Backflow Burner Gift Set
Waterfall Backflow Burner Gift Set
Teapot Backflow Burner
Waterfall Backflow Burner
Backflow Incense Lotus and Sandal
Rose Quartz Crystal

Backflow Burner Gift Set

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A perfect Waterfall or Teapot Backflow Burner set for starting out, with Backflow Incense and Rose Quartz Crystal, a special gift for you, your family or friends.

Pack includes 1 Backflow Burner, choose from these designs:

Waterfall - Beautiful black ceramic backflow burner with an eye catching waterfall design. Feel relaxed as the smoke pours down the waterfall to the catchment awaiting at the bottom. Very relaxing to watch.

Teapot - Beautiful black ceramic backflow burner with an eye catching teapot and cup design. Feel relaxed as the smoke pours out of the tea pot cascading down the twists and turns to the bowl awaiting at the bottom.

Pack also includes:

1 x 10 Pack Lotus Backflow Incense
1 x 10 Pack Sandal Backflow Incense
1 x Rose Quartz Crystal

Only backflow incense cones work with this product, standard incense cones will not create the desired effect.

Rose quartz is simply beautiful. The stone has a lovely rosy or dusky pink appearance which makes it ideal as a decorative stone. It is considered to be the stone of universal love.

Waterfall Backflow Burner - Approximately 10.5cm high x 9cm wide
Teapot Backflow Burner - Approximately 12cm high x 13cm wide

NB: Coloured incense smoke can stain light coloured fabrics and surfaces. Please always make sure to burn coloured incense on an appropriately protected surface.

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